Loan Management:

With the Humanware loan module, owners and managers can monitor all phases of operations, anywhere with secure internet access. It is an online, real-time solution with standard services.

The Loan Management is an online loan module and the first step to making lending simple for your employees. In addition, the loan application can be done in a matter of minutes.

Configurable loan option provided by the Humanware HRMS i.e personal loan, home loan, vehicle loan, advances, etc.

Reimbursement Management:

This Module enables the treatment of cases in which part of the expenses incurred by employees in certain contexts, like out of their pocket expenses in account of carrying the business activities for the organization.

Set Up Approvers, Configure Verifiers

Basis organizational units, claim amount slabs or an individual employee name, Humanware is a master of permutations when it comes to allowing you extreme flexibility. Now ensure authenticity of the expenses with added level of Verifier on top of 5 approver levels leverages any adjustment to be made for handling exceptions and validating the actual proofs for the incurred expenses

Claims Eligibility Definition

Never have to worry ever about who had approved leaves for resources based on sudden planning. All records are captured in the system available for use by audit subsequently, whenever required

Advanced Configuration Based Workflow Setup

Ensure you have controlled Budget expenses. Humanware provides you with N levels of approvals if required. HR & Payroll expense requests by employees can now be easily controlled and monitored.

Tracking of Claims Payments Online

Allows your administrator / finance / accounts team to group all verified claims and mark them in an unique Batch. The Claims Batch can be tracked for payment done/not done in the system. Employee benefits by receiving intimation through system on paid and unpaid claims. Saves Finance team’s time for addressing such queries. Humanware is designed to simply your life and make employees love their jobs!