leave management

Simple Work Flow that Captures All Details

A rise in technology and its products there has been demise of the attendance registers. As an organization to grow and succeed, it is necessary to have a reliable system to manage the leave process effectively. With the Humanware’s Leave management system it becomes easy for an organization to transparently manage the employee leave, absence and leave accruals record resulting in accurate payements.

Effective Employee Management

Humanware’s leave management system provides valuable management reports for the HR to analyze and effectively manage leave approvals, encashment or revise leaves., which helps them to manage their administrative tasks and focus on their goals.

Compatible and Configurable System

A highly flexible and compatible system which is easily configured and integrated within the existing company’s infrastructure to address the leave management needs of an organization. The employees leaves are accurately tracked and leave balances are automatically updated.

Manage with Leave Management System

Streamline your process and eliminate your paperwork. All employee leave requests are automatically routed to their manager for approval. Managers can approve/deny with just a click, no paper forms or files to deal with and can give shape to your office practices as well.