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Loan Management:

With the Humanware loan module, owners and managers can monitor all phases of operations, anywhere with secure internet access. It is an online, real-time solution with standard services.

The Loan Management is an online loan module and the first step to making lending simple for your employees. In addition, the loan application can be done in a matter of minutes.

The types of loans provided by the Humanware HCM are personal loan, home loan, vehicle loan, advances, etc.

Reimbursement Management:

This Module enables the treatment of cases in which part of the expenses incurred by employees in certain contexts, like out of their pocket expenses in account of carrying the business activities for the organization.

The reimbursement types are CTC, Business expenses and LTA which can be configured and structured based on the company policies. Here the admin and as well as the employee can apply for online reimbursements. Following is the brief of the reimbursements offered.

Pay Heads of Reimbursement - Reimbursement claims can be user defined as part of the compensation - such as telephone, conveyance, LTA, vehicle, medical expenses etc.

Online claims - This feature lets your employees check available balances, claims history and file reimbursement claims online.

Unclaimed Reimbursements - can be paid along with salary as taxable allowance at the end of the financial year.

Compliance and Policies- Humanware HRMS enforces all policies as defined by you, such as number of claims in a period, tax impact of claims, period and frequency of claims etc. This can add up to tremendous savings in terms of manual intervention, paper handling and simplification of audit.