Simplify your payroll and compliance activities.

Engage in a systematic payroll management that allows you to initiate, confirm and finalize payroll with a few simple clicks! Integrate with employee database, customize benefits and payroll formulae, adhere to local laws and mitigate tedious payroll and compliance challenges with a seamless payroll processing solution.


Easily configurable solution compliant to statutory requirements

Unlock the power of the robust formulae builder to build statutory compliance.

Government sites linkage

Ability to directly upload data into various Government sites.

Swipe Card / Biometric devices integration

Humanware Payroll can integrate with Attendance marking devices for getting inputs for ‘Leave without Pay’ and ‘Absence Data’.

Mobile ready:

Payslip, leave & attendance & many more are very handy now.

Integrates with finance modules of ERPs

Can integrate with finance Software to ensure seamless process integration between Payroll and Finance. e.g. J.V.

Available on Cloud / on Premise both Platforms

Widely used: Currently being used by more than 69 organizations. Remain statutorily compliant: Upgrades available for all statutory changes ensuring you are compliant always

Web-based solution

A fully web-based solution that is built on the .Net Platform.