Personalize your HRMS with Humanware

There is never a one-fits-all solution. Sometimes, no matter how rigorous your selection process is, you won’t find the perfect HR system for your organization. one or the other needs to be customized. Make changes for personalisation in HRMS make application user friendly and creates attraction to words application.

1. Multiple Deployment Choice

Initially, an HRMS can be deployed on-premises or as a in the cloud solution, or a hybrid of the two. On Premise HRMS refers to when the system and software are installed on your premises. On Cloud means that the system is hosted on the solution provider's server or any third-party hosting. An HRM system is said to be hybrid when you have both the software and the system on your premises, but you pay in installments instead of the huge upfront cost of the On Premise option. Depending on the need of organization, HR can choose to have on-premises, cloud solution, or a hybrid solution.

2. The Power of Modularity

HRMS software can be customized even before it is implemented. An HRSM is usually modular and HR can choose modules to create the perfect software specifically for employees within the organization. Let's take an example, an organization of 100 employees and HR need an HRMS to maintain employee attendance and leave and automate payroll. HR can purchase only the payroll and time and attendance modules of a suite instead of the module matrix. This reduces your costs and also makes the product scalable. In simpler terms, the product grows as your organization grows and you keep adding more modules as needed like Performance management, recruitment management.

3. Access Levels

It is important for a business to have a streamlined workflow. Having an HRMS software in place makes the workflow smoother while eliminating human error. HR can create a workflow diagram with different levels of approval and access. HR can set policies for access or approval levels. Meaning HR can grant access to employees and make them self approvers depending upon policies. However, employees can misuse the self approval,thuse HR or HOD can also reject someone approver based on workflow. HR can create a workflow diagram with different levels of approval and access.

4. Customized Reports

In recent years,the field of technology has been boosted and this also lifted other segments like HR. Traditionally HR activities have been one of the complex functions in an organization, as creating and maintaining data is much critical and time consuming. Today HR Analytics has shifted the model approach to bringing a data-driven and built on modern human capital processes to accelerate long-term market success. HRMS can provide with all of these types of reports like Bell curve, Bar Graphs, Numerical reports and many more. These reports are totally user-definable and customizable. A custom report helps HR automatically create detailed as well as summarized reports all of it with the liberty of total personalisation.

5.For Employee

It's fine to tailor your new HRMS to be unique to the organization, but what about individual users? If you let them customize their tables, why not have their desktops on display? Within corporate branding, why not provide some freedom in layout, options and shortcuts? Allowing users to customize their own HRMS is a great way to drive user adoption, often the holy grail when implementing a new system.

Humanware HRMS for your people

The best HR software provides multiple modules that cover all employee lifecycles end-to-end. Digital onboarding solutions focus on hiring employees into the organization. Humanware HRMS software provides a better user experience for a new employee. organizations looking to grow focused on hiring quality resources is where Humanware HRMS comes in with technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. In no time CVs can be filtered and the best candidates can be selected. Humanware HRMS software is all you need to manage your employee lifecycle, from onboarding to new entry. Humanware HRMS software is the best HR software that meets all your HR as well as employee needs.