The Power of Internal Communication with Chatbots

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Organizations tend to promote a sense of unity among its employees through internal communications from long now, but more often than not this system has been faced with numerous challenges. Be it, the paper communication, the countless emails or the intranet. The utterance of intranet alone exemplifies the challenges with internal communication. The burning question that remains in an organization is how to keep its employees engaged and free from unnecessary notifications all while adding value to their work environment?

A fact: On an average, an employee receives about 88 mails per day. It is an average, meaning the number can even go higher. Engaging with someone with such a cluttered inbox has become very difficult. With employees bombarded with these emails, the emails concerning internal communication are the first to get deleted.

And as traditionally as it goes the solution that comes to mind is creating an intranet. Intranets are very clumsy and are often designed by interns and employees have to make a conscious effort to visit the intranet in order to check any updates which increases the risk of emails getting missed. Knowing that employees are just like consumers is a part of a great internal communication strategy. It should remove the need the need of efforts from the employee and side make it as default as it could get. And Chatbots do just that.

Chatbots run on messaging channels that maintain conversations with the users. They are Artificial Intelligence powered. It is like messaging a piece of software instead of messaging a real person. It plays an important role in connecting the right content to the right employee at the right time.
Here’s how Chatbots help in Internal Communication:

1. Chatbots don’t need any installation
With employees already present on various messaging platforms, Chatbots nullify the need to build an additional app or intranet. Employees don’t need to download any additional app or visit any website in the presence of chatbots. Everything takes place on a channel employees are familiar with. When it comes to a chatbot everything happens on the server side. Without any known change, employee can talk to the new version of the chatbot.

2. Chatbots are fast
With Chatbots installed, employees don’t have to wait for even for few minutes for HR Software to get back with the simplest of requests. It happens within a matter of seconds. They use a very little bandwidth so they become accessible even in areas of slow internet.

3. Reading becomes easy
Considering the nature of messaging channels, brevity is encouraged. You never type a long 500 word message on messengers but on email you tend to. So, short messages make it easy to read.

4. Writing messages becomes easy
When it is simple to read, naturally it is simpler to write. A chatbot message often consists of a single sentence and a chatbot article consists of few short paragraphs as opposed to when a communications professional writes a 500 to 1000 word article.

5. Both Push and Pull in Internal Communication
Intranets are Pull medium. Employees pull messages when they request them to a web browser while Emails are Push medium. Companies push emails to employees who have no choice but to receive them. Chatbots are both Push and Pull mediums. You are always in a position to push a broadcast to the concerned employee when its needed. You can also pull any content from the chatbot when you need to.

6. The Channels are familiar
Messaging platforms have the simplest interfaces. They are simple, clear and much uncluttered which makes it easy for everyone to follow whatever is going on. Employees feel a sense of familiarity since they are very much familiar to these messaging platforms.

7. Read within minutes
Within a chatbot, about 90 percent of messages are read under 3 minutes which is not possible using intranet, email channel or an app. Here are some simple applications of a Chatbot

  • Internal Purchasing orders
  • Answering HR Questions
  • Performance Management

It is safe to say that chatbots are on the way to becoming the most trusted way to deliver a message in internal Communications.

10 August 2019