Next Generation Time and Attendance Software

Maintaining time sheet records, spread sheets, punching, biometric are passé and a tedious job to maintain them accurately. So its time to say goodbye to these and adopt the Humanware time and attendance services where your countless hours of managing this data could be efficiently utilized for organizations productivity.

Effective Tracking of Employee Time & Attendance

To maintain the effective tracking of employees time and attendance is a challenging task, but with Humanware’s time and attendance payroll it was a challenging task where the details of the employees attendance are viewed on a single page.

With high end technology and yet simple and user friendly solutions , we provide a simple and convenient way to track your employees time and attendance and monitor their productivity.

With the automated workflow and notifications the management can stay updated with the complete information of the time approved, log-ins, log-outs and approvals. Thus focusing on this will help to streamline the payroll process which in turn takes less time hence increasing productivity and efficient time management.

Work Smarter

Working the smarter way with our time and attendance, the concern of staffing and aligning it with the business needs is reduced along with reduced costs hence automating a scheduled process and resulting in smooth flow of the employees. The data advantages are reflected through easy monitoring of schedules of rotational shifts, managing over and under staffing issues, identify the employee log-in, log-out, in-time and out-time.

It allows easy calculation of the working hours which applies to the payroll processing of the employees which is automatically streamlined staying aligned with the compliances.

Effective Employee Management

Effective employee management is a topic of concern, but that is done easily with the Humanware’s time and attendance solutions which provides valuable management reports, for the organization to analyze the labor cost, help make better decisions including time sheets, attendance reports and payroll reports.We have wide range of data collection options to understand the diverse workforce.