HR Software refers to the Human Resource software

HR Software refers to the Human Resource software and helps organisation to manage and help with HR functions. HR software focuses on increasing productivity of employees by including relevant policies and process. It helps HRs with managing the workforce with strategic planning with global payroll and benefits administration and enables employees to send request applications to the person in concern. HR software integrates information into one database.

Types Of HR Software
Different enterprise uses different type of HR software. Each of these software has their own characteristics that best suited for required needs.

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System and helps recruiting managers to complete track of the employee’s information. HRIS collects and stores data related to employees. An HR or recruiting manager can access all personal & professional information of the employee from HRIS hr software. Some advanced HRIS software also comes with additional features and modules like payroll management , time and attendance tracking.

2. HCM
HCM refers to Human Capital Management, that offers applications for tracking, assisting and development of employees. HCM softwares are considered more intelligent than HRIS software. HCM software are capable of setting up the performance goals and tracking the results.

HRMS is also known as Human Resource Management System and involves tracking the employees expertise, history, achievements, salaries and performances. HRMS is a more automated software than HRIS and HCM.

4. ATS
ATS stands for Application Tracking System and perfectly ideal to source hundreds of prospective employee. ATS softwares are designed algorithms to find the suitable candidate for the job profile.

4. Payroll Software
As the name suggests, Payroll software helps in managing, salaries, reimbursements, compensations related processes.

Benefits of HR Software

1. HR software helps in improving the efficiency and productivity by automating HR processes.
2. HR software eliminates the risk of human errors by performing calculations and providing the accurate figures.
3. HR software helps organisation’s HR managers in decision making by reducing the stress of bulky files and folders.
4. HR software manages the data and keeps it centralised that is easier to access.
5. HR softwares also helps in accurate evaluations and appraisals of the employees.
6. HR software acts as a bank that keeps organization's data secured.

Why HR Software?

1.An HR software helps in making the onboarding process easy for new joinees to put in their information, gr through the company policies, and HRs can see where new hires are in thhe process.
2. HR software makes the information accessible and available for all the employees and can be viewed 24*7
3. HR software generally has automated features to calculate the tax liability amount for the companies.
4.HR Software automates all the HR and payroll functions, and provides more stress free time to managers.

27 December, 2017