Humanware is one of the largest providers of business processing solutions software which derives real business results by ensuring organizational alignment, optimizing people performance and building competitive advantage with greater workforce insights. It offers powerful analytics that provide visibility into every aspect of your talent pool.

Our next–generation HRMS offers unmatched HR transformation of the existing business pattern into standardize processes and create and a culture of continuous performance improvement. The most comprehensive feature that can be found in Humanware HRMS is the core functionality. Our HR managements top benefits would be lower administrative expenses and enhanced performance productivity.

Humanware knows that better business execution is the greatest path to success. Partner with Humanware for best solutions with the latest technology – so you can focus your limited time and resources on your business, to work more transparently and effectively for overall administration.

The Humanware system has an array of modules, all in one application that fulfills your main HR requirements. Our team continuously innovates and addresses the challenges faced by the organizations by improving the way they manage clients, deliver services, provide operational excellence and access/manage talent. Attracting the right human resource and retaining the revenue-generating employees is perhaps the biggest priority and concern for any company. Further, to achieve operational excellence, it’s important to have a streamlined HR system that integrates with the operational and financial systems. Following best practices and specific in-depth industry knowledge we are always looking to adopt innovative ways to turn ideas into real products.

Humanware also offers itself as a SaaS (Software as a Service) module or cloud based module, for easy deployment and is also cost effective. It can be hosted on your server, or can also be used from our server as a service.With Humanware HCM, organizations get an extremely cost-effective, subscription-based pricing option, which allows them to pay based on usage.