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Humanware Developing

Over the past decade, HR has made considerable progress in the use of technology and process improvements to help reduce costs and improve operating effectiveness. HR can be an important value creator in business. Our HR advisory professional experience beneficial to clients in following order
Optimize human resource transactional and operational processes
Expand nearer alignment between Human Resources strategy and overall organization business strategy
Better match human resource skills and capabilities to complex business requirements
Use AI, predictive analytics & BI to correlate the effectiveness of the HR function with business results
Today, Humanware-HRMS available to optimize every process – from hire to retire. Our solution goes beyond the basics of HR, payroll, and benefit administration. Now, organization can take advantage of our HRMS applications to manage and deploy people when and where it makes sense for the business, while attracting, training, and nurturing the best talent. Transforming human resources is top of mind for today's CEO's. In order to execute their business strategy, they must align with the right talent strategy. Yes, our HRMS solutions enable the mobility, analytics capabilities, or centralized and speedy access to relevant information needed to do so and demanded by today’s multi-generational socially-savvy workforce. Humanware-HRMS ties people strategy to business strategy with workflows, content, insights and expertise that directly impacts business results and drives company success.
We help organizations achieve high returns on investment with our HRMS solutions through an unmatched combination of industry and functional expertise, skilled professionals who deliver strategy, implementation, upgrade and application outsourcing solutions across the entire Humanware-HRMS.
Our goal and focus is your success through Excellence, Delivery, Quality, Time and Cost. Also we will focus on "speed-to-value," with implementation times focused on getting you set up quickly to eliminate paperwork, streamline your business processes and engage you’re most important asset: Your People.

Focus on strategy (AI, Predictive analysis, Mobile, SAAS, & Big data analytics)

Focus on strategy

We define structure and implement HR solutions to improve the efficiency of human resource functions to drive business results through process and organisation. We address HR issues associated with comprehensive system implementations and influence technology to support the HR strategy and maximize performance.
Mobile apps for managing HR on the go
Optimized HR Analytics & Data Use (Organization Trends, Hiring Insights, Talent Insights etc.)
Available on cloud, on mobile, on-premise , as managed services & Custom solutions

Focus on business value (Integrated talent, social media)

Focus on Business

Humanware Technology provides services to manage business value & strategic transform and technology embracing, develop leaders and design organisations. With HRMS our clients aligning people with business strategy & value, determining critical workforce, identifying innovative talent solutions and addressing talent needs in order to face business challenges.
Continuous Expansion of cloud solutions
Talent management - Employee Pre & on boarding portal, and acquisition integration portal for new employees
Employee skill management & development
Social profiles & wall

Focus on cost & transaction time reduction (Self service, best in breed)

Focus on cost

Self-service platforms allow employees to get questions answered, submit transactions, and find as well as access the information, without human assistance. These emerging technologies use cognitive/artificial intelligence, conversational, intelligent systems.
Building of “Employee experience platforms
Focus on employee engagement solutions
Focus on “enablement” to help employees be more effective
HR Self Service and Help Desk
Focus on simplified “Employee Life Cycle Management” (H To R)

Focus on Administration (Payroll/HR system, ERP)

Focus on administration

By focusing on specific business requirements, our HRMS help business leaders make informed decisions to grow revenue, reduce operational costs, and design compensation & reward programs and remuneration policies to attract and retain top talent. Whether it’s complying with new regulations, shifting your workforce, or opening a new location, Humanware-HRMS provides the agility necessary to respond to change.
Simplification of payroll solutions
Strong employee performance alignment
Simplification of daily Workforce Administration
Prebuilt APIs - Integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise business applications like SAP, MS-CRM, Oracle, Tally any legacy application etc
0% paperwork with digital HR
Our services are designed to meet your needs at every phase of your implementation and help you achieve the new standards for business. Our flexible framework is adaptable to nearly any customer scenario with high ROI. Working with us allows you to leverage our know-how to optimise the value of your technology investment and create the capacity you need to focus on taking the business forward.
An HR Technology Strategy & to get High ROI following effort taken by Humanware: assessment of ERP and Cloud solutions and technology solutions for shared service centers and outsourced operations. This provide spans pioneering technology practices to address an organization‘s specific needs for HR solutions related to people, data, reporting, and application requirements. Our experienced consultant team work closely with our customers to define visible and practical technology evolution plans. These evolution plans enable organisations to transfer from existing technologies to AI, Predictive analytics & cloud technologies both seamlessly and responsibly.
About Author : Tasneem Alam – Founder & CEO
References : Case studies - Harvard Business Review, McKinsey & Co

10 December, 2017