HRMS Software A Secure Solution for Enterprise

The Human Resource department is the most responsible division for data management and security since HR data contains personal and professional details about employees. The increase in data threats is an alarming situation for business. According to 78% of HR leaders, the risk to data security is increasing. To secure HR data from threats and unauthorized access, it is becoming more essential than ever to put measures that raise data security. In the scenario where many employees are working remotely using their own devices, the threat to data security is increasing. To protect HR data from threats and unauthorized access, it is becoming increasingly important to put measures in place to ensure data security.

Today, modern HRMS software is equipped with advanced data security features to help businesses meet the challenge of securing their organizational data. HR software is an example of an integrated HR management platform with advanced levels of security to protect HR data.

Data Security with HRMS software

Digital HRMS offers several advanced security features to keep user data secure, both on-premises and in the cloud. Security features cover all aspects of data security, including encryption of user data, physical security of user data, controlled access to data to prevent unauthorized access, built-in security controls, and more.

1. Data Encryption

HRMS software ensures user credentials like username and password encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. The app is configured with an SSL certificate and has implemented GDPRS compliance. With users' personal data encrypted in the database, the application provides advanced user data security and prevents threats and vulnerabilities.

2. Physical Security

Digital HRMS guarantees that the application can only be accessed using the secure https protocol. Implementing port-based restrictions ensures that only necessary ports are enabled to access HRMS applications. The software has antivirus software installed to protect user data and the Security Center monitors and tracks threats and vulnerabilities. The Set IP Address function is proof of that.

3. User Base Security

HRMS software has implemented a personalized password policy to maintain the security of user accounts, as well as a data erasure policy for inactive users. It also allows access to applications defined using the access rights management module. The application also implements restrictions based on IP address to limit remote access to servers to specific IP addresses only. In addition to data security measures, Digital HRMS also ensures complete privacy of user data through GDPR compliance. This feature assures users that a protocol is followed to collect their data, which requires their consent, which builds trust.

Key Features of HRMS software for Data Security
  1. Management of critical HR department data in the event of a disaster. With 99.9% cloud availability guaranteed by the Digital HRMS data security platform, you can be assured of reliable disaster recovery and a continuous flow of information. This makes sure that employee data is never lost, even in the event of a disaster.
  2. Implementation of strong security mechanisms by HR Data Security solution for the next level of data protection, including IP and port based restrictions and communication using SSL protocol in accordance with ISO 20001 standard , GDPR and country-specific security regulations.
  3. To prevent unauthorized access to private information, the Digital HRMS data security platform provides end-to-end encryption with 256-bit SSL encryption software and an industry-leading data encryption approach used in the BFSI industry.
  4. Systematic data backups in numerous locations along with daily backup updates ensure that vital and sensitive HR data is never lost and is always up to date for anywhere, anytime access within the data security
  5. Information is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud for complete server-level HR data protection. To detect any weaknesses, the data is monitored by world-class staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Data security applies to information in production systems as well as complete business information located in legacy systems. Organizations should consider archiving legacy HRMS and other data and extend security protocols for their archiving systems and train the employees who manage them to build their HRMS data security capabilities. We at Humanware technology understand how important people are to the organization. Their engagement and security is what businesses care about the most. To fully fill this organization's needs we have created Humanware HRMS software that helps HR and employees to connect with each other in a secure environment.