Human Resource Management Software 

Effective HRMS System Solution in Faster, Smarter & Efficient Way

With a wide range of capabilities for Large, Midsized & Small Business,
Humanware Technology will change the way you work.

'On-the-Go’ Mobile with Digital HR !

Attendance - Geo-fencing

Employee can mark their attendance thru Mobile & the location can also be captured.

Leave Management

Streamlining employee leave management gives you a golden opportunity to tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke.

Holiday list

The Holiday calendar provides a centralised leave hub ideal for creating a smooth office workflow.

Help Desk

Workflow driven request management with TAT. Keep users informed of the status of their request.

Birthday & Anniversary

An employee birthday or anniversary is a chance for one person to stand in the limelight and be recognized separately. For one day, it’s their day.


Empowering you with an advanced payroll software for better transparency at work.

Training Management

A Training Management System or TMS is a system that organizes training curriculums, schedules, training delivery, grading, records and history.

Attendance Regularization

. Employee can apply for Missing Punch, Out Door Duties thru Employee Self Service.


What Client Says

  • T . L. Banerjee
    General Manager -HR
    Sarda Group
    We have been using HUMANWARE software for the past two years now and we are just delighted! This software is incredibly easy to use even as it grows deeper and deeper in its advanced features. All your Hire to Retire functionalities on single HRMS platform .We get all the required information in time & have dashboard Analytics too. And most importantly it’s so easy for employees to use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Venkatesh Balasubramanian
    Vara United
    Humanware Solution on the Web and mobile, has helped us in handling the complex task of managing our workforce, spread across the country and in different lines of business with varied expectation.

  • We were looking for an integrated payroll and human resource management system, Humanware HRMS came out on top. We selected Humanware HRMS for its vast solutions, which allowed us to build a system to meet our industry's various complexities. We are already realizing many benefits of the new system. In fact I can say that we have got best ROI as now we are in paperless environment.

  • Humanware has been in use for our human resource management for one year. Access is granted to all. It supports executive leadership to all employee related decision making. It has helped us maintain a central database for employee records. We also receive extended help with employment verification, employment agreements, tax declarations and all other important information used by the enterprise. It has awesome dashboard.

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